Burgsvikens Strandby offers great accommodation on South Gotland with a superb location by the sea and the new built sea pool. We offer camping, cabins and tree-huts, all with great possibilities to see stunning sunsets over the bay. A resort with something for all ages, a creative playground bult with tire’s from tractors and the beautiful surroundings of greenery , nature and the sea.

Burgsvikens Strandby in Fide is located 7 km from the village Burgsvik where you will find grocery stores, several restaurants and cafés. Burgsvikens Strandby is a greta starting point to explore southern Gotland, also known as Sudret.

Burgsvikens Strandby has developed to be a lovely holiday village, with the new sea pool this is a must go! The sea pool will be a few degrees warmer than the sea, something special that must be experienced. During high season (week 26-32) there will be a pancake- and ice cream hut open daily from 10am to 5pm. The koncept is that you buy a basket with the ingredients and all yu need to prepare your pancakes over an open fire.

Make your reservation at Burgsvikens Strandby today,  a resort that has all the possibilities to give you a lovely holiday with many happy memories.

Please note that our cabins, not including tree-huts, must be booked minimum 2 nights. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we’ll be glad to help you!